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My Hip Hop project Finding Claraty EP is on Bandcamp, Itunes and Spotify (click album cover to listen).

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Are you a vocalist that needs a beat that inspires you? Share your vision and I will create a sound to support your voice. I love to work with lyricists that would rather spend their time writing than learning how to create their own beat and create anything from unique hip hop beats to dance music to ambient sound healing tones for your latest meditation. Get in touch to set up a call to see if our creative energies align and we will move forward from there. I look forward to creating magic together!



I provide backup, lead vocals, or voiceovers for your project. Get in touch for rates and availability.


Resonant Revolution

The Resonant rEvolution Creative Vision

I wholeheartedly believe that every individual has a beautifully unique voice that is ABSOLUTELY needed in this world. Resonant rEvolution is about shifting the energy and the intention of what is being projected and consumed through the media. The rEvolution starts with each of us taking personal responsibility to embody authenticity with every cell in our bodies on earth. Our rEvolution is about generating the highest vibrations and transmitting them into the collective consciousness through the art that we create and the inner peace that we cultivate. Our rEvolution is a collective of bridge builders, lovers, leaders, healers, creatives, entrepreneurs and real people doing whatever it is they are most authentically called to do here. We are now awakening and choosing to create the reality in which we live.

The new way of performance and entertainment involves an integration of sound, breath work, authentic interaction, dance, circus, movement, theater, and ceremony to foster a space of total embodiment, collaboration, and self realization for everyone involved. We are ALL the artist and we are aching to EXPERIENCE ourselves in new dimensions! The tribe is gathering. Will you join us?

Vocal Embodiment Activation (VEA)

Are you ready to come out from hiding and resonate at the vibration of your truest self?

Would you like to understand the potential of your own voice as a tool for inner and outer transformation?

Do you desire the self confidence to join a musical jam and belt out your song?

Does your negative self talk prevent you from fully owning your expression and radiance?

The Down Low

You are a magical and unique individual with a specific gift(s) and I want to see you shine and own how incredible you are!! Tapping into your true voice is one of the most potent tools for developing relationship with who you really are in your most authentic form. Not to mention, the voice is an instrument that has no price tag that you can bring with you everywhere – and no one else will ever have the one that you have!

Vocal Embodiment Activation: For one month I will be your guide on a journey to unravel the real wild YOU. We will find the you that decided to run and hide as a small child because you felt you were unlovable and invite them back into your present moment body. Through this process you will come in relationship with your personal Code of Light – the frequency that you were BORN to vibrate. You will be invited to play, sing, dance, speak and create from this space. You will learn practices to open a portal of communication between you and your body, your ancestors, animal and spirit guides, and the akashic field for guidance and support. You will come to know yourself as an Alchemist: A Creator of Magic on Earth.

Yes, our focus in practice will be the voice -and as you might feel by now there is an encoded intention within our voice lessons to Activate your being at a cellular level. Classical voice lessons treat the voice as an instrument of the vocal chords and lungs used to create music. Vocal Embodiment Activation is the honoring of your voice in its fullest form: your entire body, mind, spirit, genetic code, and willingness to be vulnerable and authentic. You can always fine tune pitch, harmony, and knowledge of music theory and I’m happy to help you with these adjustments along the way. Even the most advanced technical singer in the world can’t communicate in a meaningful and healing way if they are not in touch with their true essence. You will develop relationship with your source essence Code of Light and from there you can practice and blossom in any way that you are called.

**This is a personal one-on-one mentorship program intended for those willing to meet once a week in person in Nevada City, Grass Valley, or the Oakland/SF Bay Area. Please read below the descriptions for Songaia Voice Analysis and The Vocal Awakening Toolbox if you are interested in working together via long-distance video call. 

The Download 

Phase 1: Clearing

You will receive a hands-on integrative energetic massage incorporating Deep Tissue Massage, Thai, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Reiki, and Vocal Toning from the Akashic Field. We will also call back pieces of your voice and soul that have been lost and invite them to be reinCorporated. The intention of this session is to reset, heal, revive, and clear the pathways to be open and ready to activate over the coming weeks.

Phase 2: Activating

We will create sacred ceremony together and activate your Light Code. You will learn your primary tools for daily practice and begin playing with the archetypal energies that you are holding in your body. I will hold space for you to release your old conditioning and fears and set intentions for the new you that you are calling in.

Phase 3: Analysis

You will receive a Songaia Voice Analysis session involving an astrological chart reading and a personal life interview to deduct the missing frequencies in your speaking voice. You will be given personal insight as to which tones will most specifically benefit your singing practice and promote wholeness and wellness in your life. For more information read below.

Phase 4: Intuitive Guidance

As the nature of this experience is an activation of the wild divine feminine within, no matter what plans and outlines are made we can not predict what will come up and what direction that your soul would like to flow. For this reason I leave our final meeting open to the inner guidance of the moment – tailoring the experience to your needs, desires, and specific inquiries. We will continue activating your codes through Breath, Song, Dance, and Creative Artplay. There will also be space for guidance in song writing, life coaching, goal mapping, and any other way that I can support you that feels most relevant. This will be our closing ceremony.

“Clara held me in a safe container during our session together. Parts of me felt witnessed that haven’t in a very long time. Her skillfulness and connection to intuition were clear throughout our work together. I was invited to explore the parts of me that were ready to shift and felt no pressure to move parts of me that were not. I would recommend working with Clara if you are craving to be seen and held in love, while given tools for continued growth.” -C.A.

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Songaia Voice Spectrum Analysis

Utilizing your astrological chart in synthesis with an interview over video-chat I will deduce where you are lacking frequencies in your vibrational field!

We will uncover which notes you are missing and I will assign you a personalized daily practice to fill in your tones and create more integration in your life. I recommend a check in call approximately one month later to touch base and gauge your progression. If you have any other questions about your voice and how to further your practice we will address them at this time

Informational Links on Ani Williams Website:

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Investment: $111

Free My Voice Vocal Awakening ToolBox

Over time through my personal growth and vocal practice, guidance from my incredible teachers, and one-on-one coaching with clients I have cultivated a set of my favorite practices to cultivate the inner voice and unleash a clear creative channel. This toolbox will give fun and engaging practices to open your voice, blast open your creative gateway, and develop a relationship with your inner creator. Plus you can practice from the comfort of your own home!

Included in your toolbox:

    • 3 Weeks of Videos with Breath-work, Movement Practice, and Vocal Play Guidance
    • Two 30-60 Minute Follow Up Coaching Sessions via video chat for personalized guidance and questions
  • Written Documents on Creative Song Writing, Shamanic Practices, and Goal Mapping

Investment: $333

Song Circle or Full Day Vocal Play Workshop

I currently live in Nevada City, CA and available for travel to guide vocal workshops and retreats. Get in touch if you would like to see vocal freedom brought to your area!

Inquiries Click Here

“Describing my experience with Clara and our group journey is something that is very difficult to put into words. From the moment we met, I felt an instant connection with Clara. Her ability to hold a safe, nonjudgmental space for free expression made my process flow with ease. The combination of movement, sounds, and yoga gave me the opportunity to reach deep into my psyche and release traumas I had stored around expressing myself. I was pleasantly surprised with my willingness to sing and dance around a complete group of strangers. Clara led us through a series of exercises that facilitated the movement of blocks in my throat chakra and morphed them into empowerment through authentic expression. This beautiful experience is something that I carry into many other aspects of my life to help guide me through my fears and anxieties around being heard and seen. I hope one day I will be able to work closely with Clara again and have more divine experiences through her workshops”

– Shawna

Deep Tissue Intuitive bodywork with akashic field vocal toning

Click link for full description and pricing options.

Below is a track made by the students in my 2017 Vocal Awakening Retreat in Sedalia, CO. Our track is called “Oceana” named after the Goddess of the Ocean.

Katie’s Vocal Awakening Experience

Kayla’s Vocal Awakening Experience

About Clara


Clara lives for and through the magic of sound. Sound is medicine and as any tool it can be used for the destruction and downgrade of the planet and humanity or for the establishment of wholeness, wellness, unity, peace, and personal growth. Clara’s primary life mission is for the prevalence of the use of sound for the latter. She combines her training in shamanic ceremonial practices, ancient hermetic sound science, classic musical training as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, and electronic production knowledge to create unique soundscapes for embodied transformational experiences. She holds a steady desire for all people to be empowered in their own creative voices and feels that the most powerful performances are the ones that we create together, in collaboration.

Clara is presently rooted in Nevada City, CA offering deep tissue intuitive bodywork sessions, sound journeys for yoga classes, one-on-one vocal and creative awakening coaching, voice spectrum analysis, recording her debut world folk album and communing with the land and the Yuba river!