About Clara


Clara lives for and through the magic of sound. Sound is medicine and as any tool it can be used for the destruction and downgrade of the planet and humanity or for the establishment of wholeness, wellness, unity, peace, and personal growth. Clara’s primary life mission is for the prevalence of the use of sound for the latter. She combines her training in shamanic ceremonial practices, ancient hermetic sound science, classic musical training as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, and electronic production knowledge to create unique soundscapes for embodied transformational experiences. She holds a steady desire for all people to be empowered in their own creative voices and feels that the most powerful performances are the ones that we create together, in collaboration.

Clara is presently rooted in Nevada City, CA offering deep tissue intuitive bodywork sessions, sound journeys for yoga classes, one-on-one vocal and creative awakening coaching, voice spectrum analysis, recording her debut world folk album and communing with the land and the Yuba river!