Work With Clara

Based out of Nevada City, CA Claraty offers personalized beat production, creative collaboration, and recording services.

“Coming from being a songwriter myself, I have had numerous situations in recording studios or with producers that felt defeating and exhausting. I felt my creative ideas being dissolved into those of the person helping me, and often was ridden with anxiety afterward feeling like my sound was not authentic. Through these experiences I learned what kind of experience I would like to give singer-songwriters when they come to me to bring their creation to life. My goal is to create a space of comfort and understanding where your creative idea will be supported in its true form” – Clara. 

Unfortunately, in-person bodywork and sound sessions are currently on hold due to world wide shelter-in-place regulations. Clara is available via zoom for distance healing, vocal awakening, and creative coaching sessions.

Visit here to read Clara’s recent blog article on the use of sound in bodywork and healing

Contact for further information and/or to schedule a call with Clara about any of these offerings 🙂