Work With Clara

One-on-One and Group Ableton Coaching (Intro and Intermediate)

Personalized Beat and Soundscape Production

Recording, Mixing and Sound Engineering

Creative Consulting

Voice Spectrum Analysis and Vocal Activation Coaching

Massage Therapy and Energetic Healing

DJs, Vocalists and Musicians: Do you want to take the reigns and become empowered as a Music Producer?

Are you tired of watching the destiny of your musical creations be lost to the hands of another producer?

Have you tried to get started in Ableton using Youtube tutorials and wind up feeling defeated and lost?

Do you want to utilize technology to up-level your live performance techniques?

Do you dream of producing beats, recording audio and alchemizing sonic magic from the comfort of your own home?

Let’s Work Together

Set Up For Success

Navigating and customizing the layout

Audio, midi, inputs and outputs 

Sends and Returns

Session vs Arrangement Mode

Track Tidiness & Saving Strategies 

Witness the creation of a track 

Drop a Beat 

Customizing drum racks

Creating and saving presets

Writing in midi vs finger drumming 


Layering drum samples 

Drums to Midi

Frequency range EQ filters 

Melodic Multiverse 


Recording Audio

Recycling Samples

Audio to Midi tricks

Key Signature, Tuning, Scales, Basic Music Theory

Chord Progressions

Low End Bass-ics And Synthesis

Operator, Serum and Software Synths

Bass-ic Synthesis



EQ for newbs

Wave Types 

Signal Flow


Tension and Dynamic Flow

Risers and falls

Utilizing space 

Drum fills

FX and automation

Midi mapping FX racks

Routing instruments to play LIVE / Live Looping Setup

Coming to Completion

What is mixing?

What is mastering?

Releasing tracks

Royalties and splits

Question and Answer

Xtra tips and tricks 

Plug-In Recommendations

I want to learn Ableton LIVE!

“Coming from being a songwriter myself, I have had numerous situations in recording studios or with producers that felt defeating and exhausting. I felt my creative ideas being dissolved into those of the person helping me, and often was ridden with anxiety afterward feeling like my sound was not authentic.

Through these experiences I learned what kind of feeling I would like to give singer-songwriters when they come to me to bring their creation to life. My goal is to create a space of comfort and understanding where your creative idea will be supported in its true form” – Clara. 

Healing Services

Clara’s touch is a spiritual gift. Her manner is gentle and loving, and her massages are focused, intentional, and deeply healing. She’s an outstanding masseuse, but more than that she is a true healer. You can feel healing pouring out of her whole being because she is so present with you while she works on you. I highly, highly recommend Clara. A session with her is an experience everyone should have” – Ingrid.

Never in my life have I gotten a massage by someone who does such similar work as I do with her own magical twist. I’ve reached nirvana and I’m never coming down, entered the gates of heaven in my heart and anchored it deep within the core of mama gaia. Thank you Clara Angel, you truly are an angel in my life” – Kristina

Visit here to read Clara’s article on the use of sound in bodywork and healing.


Deep Tissue Muscular Release

Sacred Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Shamanic Reiki Master

Thai Massage

Sonic Love Alchemy Vocal Sound Healing Transmissions

Clara is more of an angel of healing than massage therapist. Her bodywork is unparalleled, she’s the best practitioner I’ve experienced, but she brings much more to the table than technique, she brings a special magic culled during journeys to places most will never visit. The healing magic she imbues stays long after she’s soothed aching muscles; I cannot recommend her highly enough. – Yvonne

I am currently working out of my home in Southwest Austin.

Austin, TX Locals May Book here.